I’m a huge fan of Glacier NP!  On my third visit to the park (last week), I had the op to revisit some of my favorite spots last week and was greeted by perfect weather/awesome cloud-filled skies.

I started the trip climbing over Logan Pass, which provides access to some great above timberline hiking looking down on Hidden Lake!

Along the drive, I ran into this bad boy.  He appeared 6 feet from my open car window.  Luckily I had my camera handy and he didn’t jump into my lap.

On route East towards my hotel (Many Glacier Lodge), taking a late afternoon break to view Wild Goose Island.  This iconic pullout is also a great place to watch the sunrise.

The Many Glacier Hotel looks West over Swiftcurrent Lake and Grinnell Point.  Talk about a nuclear sunset!

Dawn patrol the following morning, about 200 yards from the lodge (looking in the opposite direction)!

By the way, just downstream from this spot lies Swiftcurrent Falls, an overlooked but spectacular feature of the park.

My first big hike, the 12-mile round trip up to Grinnell Lake.

After exploring Many Glacier for several days, I ventured into the Two Medicine Area of the park (generally more remote/less crowded).  Named for the lake below, the area provides some of the best views in the park for those will to hike a bit (ergo 10+ miles, not for the squeamish).


Along the trail, I heard some rustling to my right and rotated to find this Bull about 8 feet away!  My 2nd close up encounter in only two days…eckkkk. Took a deep breath, slowly backed away, fired up the camera and thanked Allah I hadn’t been run over.

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