Did you take thousands of penguin photos?  Relax, you only get to view a few. Are there any Alpha penguins who are natural-born leaders?  Yah, the guy in front is the Douglass MacArthur of Sub Arctic Birds (a Gentoo Penguin, the Cadillac of birds). Actually, maybe it’s a she! The rest are Adelie Penguins. I now consider myself an expert in Sub-Artic wildlife. No formal training! Are Penguins good swimmers? While awkward on land they’re guided missiles in the water.What’s the landscape resemble?  Lincoln Nebraska with more water.Are Elephant Seals funny looking?  Take a look in the mirror.When is sunrise & sunset? 10:30pm and 3:30am. My motto is go with no sleep or go home!Is Antarctica far (like compared to Mars)? That’s about right.  A quick flight to Buenos Aires, then 4 more hours to Ushuaia, the southernmost town in South America, followed by a 2 ½ day boat ride along the Drake passage to Antarctica. That’s our boat, a research vessel, used formerly by the U.S. intelligence service to spy on Cuba (not kidding). Is the boat ride rough?  You kidding me! We took a small ship that sleeps about 100, which allowed us to land in remote places larger guys couldn’t access. My nickname for the ship is the Vomit Comet. Our home for 12 days shown against a normal-sized cruise ship.How did you get to shore? We used Zodiac boats, which are stowed in the rear of our ship.

Can you be serious for a second?  Was the trip worth it?  Yes, seeing the “Far end of the Earth” belongs on your bucket list.  I’ve traveled a bit and have seen nothing close to this.  Sort of like plopping the Rocky Mountains in the ocean and sprinkling exotic animals aboard that have no fear of humans (aka you can view up close).  A pain to get to, worth the effort.

Want to see more photos!  Of course, you do! Click the link: https://www.snitzerphotos.com/Nature-Travel/Galleries/Antartica/n-Lz4wfQ/




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