These Slavic countries offer some wonderful unspoiled scenery, a little like the Italian Dolomites. Punctuated with historic (I mean 500+ years old) small towns they’re inhabited by a friendly populace that likes American tourists!  Plus, you can walk anywhere at night and feel safe. The price to stay in great lodging and enjoy bomber dining is substantially less than in the States—a comparative bargain.

So what’s there to see?  Let’s start with one of the craziest massive waterfalls on the planet, Veliki Slap which falls 300ft.  (Plitvice Lake National Park, Croatia).  Why they call waterfalls Slaps is beyond me.

Yes, the fishermen are getting wet.

Sibenik, a coastal town (also in Croatia).

And the very old City of Dubrovnik. How old?  Like 7th Century.

As we drive North we enter the nation of Slovenia. Lake Bled reminds me of the Sound of Music.   Some fun shots taken from the footpath that circles the lake. The Church of Mary the Queen dates back to 1534.

Ok, time to fire up the Spritzler drone.  Pictured immediately below is Bled Castle (circa 1011).

High above the church.  I’m getting a nose bleed.

And Bohinjsko, Slovinia

Continuing to head North we reach the Soca River Valley.

What a cool place to Kayak!

Link below to high res gallery of photos

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