Sedona, Ariz is one of my fav places to hike.  Gorgeous scenery, awesome weather (excepting summer), and little driving required (most hikes 10 mins from town).  It’s also a great place for nature photog! Some of my favorite places to shoot include:

Crescent Moon Picnic Area:  Great views along Oak Creek overlooking Cathedral Rock.

Upper Red Rock Loop:  Several awesome pullouts provide a view of Cathedral and Bell Mountain.

Airport Mesa Viewpoint (& attached trail):  Not to be confused with the airport viewpoint above.  This hiking spot has only about 8 parking spaces.  It provides trails with 360-degree panoramic views of the entire valley!  After a rain, reflecting pools form on the rock face providing great ops to shoot low and reflect the mountains.

Don’t be afraid to use your telephoto lens to capture some far-away action.  This shot was taken shortly after dawn with a 300mm lens.

Boyton Canyon to the Subway:  The Subway is a detour off the main path that while impressive may prove a bit hair raising for some hikers.  Requires a good level of fitness and some climbing experience.

Seven Sacred Pools hike. Great foregrounds. After a rain look for reflecting pools (shoot low).

Some of my favorite hikes also include:


Doe Mountain Loop

Long Canyon, Deadman’s Pass, Mescal Loop

Secret Slickrock (easy short/great for sunset)

Sugarloaf Loop


Hangover Trail

Sterling Pass

Devil’s Bridge via Chuck Wagon Trail (great view, overrun with tourists…everyone flocks to this, I’d skip)


Bear Mountain

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