Your fearless leader has been busy exploring some bomber scenery this Spring.  Much of it at night.

Monoliths, pictured below, near Monument Valley, Utah framed by the Milky Way Arch.

Speaking of no sleep, I started hiking in the dark (with a headlamp) to catch sunrise breaking over Zion’s Canyon Overlook.

Zion is filled with extraordinary hikes, like Angel’s Landing which ends on a small table top with vertical slabs on either side falling away 1000ft! Eckkk…but the views are to die for.  Err…didn’t mean that literally.

A buddy and I also had the chance to explore an infrequently reached slot canyon; literally had the place to ourself.  During midday, the light hits the narrow walls “just right” to create a glowing landscape.

The camping portion of the trip started in the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, home to White Pocket.  This place contains some of the nation’s wildest geology (Mars on steroids).

Then on to a spectacular campsite above Lake Powell (at Alstrom Point).  The roads require some patience and a 4WD vehicle to reach.  There isn’t a better place to view the lake from!  Sunset below:

That’s not all folks! Click to view the gallery. Snitzer Photography Gallery Link

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