For about two weeks every year, wildflowers explode along the upper elevations of the Rocky Mountains.  This year’s crop was especially bomber as a plentiful snow pack finally melted.  Lots of moisture means lots of flowers.  Some recent rain storms didn’t hurt either!

Steamboat Springs, Colo is our home away from home.  The hiking, biking and photog was spectacular.

Rabbit Ears Pass from two different vantage points.

Along the Continental Divide Trail

Evening hike up the West face of Steamboat’s Howelsen Hill.

Gilpin Lake, my favorite destination in the Zerkel National Forest (45 minutes NW of Steamboat).

I also had an opportunity to explore State Forest State Park (about 90 minutes SW of Steamboat).  Lot’s of mouse this year (saw 7 on one hike).

Lots more photos to see! CLICK THIS LINK!


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