Each summer, the upper elevations of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains come alive with spectacular wildflowers.  The exact timing is dependant on the previous winter’s snowmelt and Spring rains.  Generally speaking mid to late July provides a 2-3 week window of bomber viewing.

The images below come from our home base in Steamboat Springs, Colo.  My favorite viewing spot is the trail up to Rabbit Ears.  And my favorite time?  Err…20 minutes before dawn (aka 5 am).  If you want to catch the best light, be prepared to drill it early.

On route up the trail.

The first wildflower meadow about 20 minutes into the hike.

Rabbit Ears in full glory!

Let’s not forget the Flattops Wilderness area, a 50 minute drive Southwest of town.

July is also the time to catch Steamboat’s annual Balloon Rodeo .

Our next stop is considered by many to be the epicenter of Colo wildflowers; Crested Butte.  There are too many awesome spots to mention, but high on my list is the meadow just outside the riding stables.

Telluride doesn’t have the plethoria of wildflowers but still has among the best mountain peaks in the state!

Next July, you owe yourself the op to take advantage of Colo during the bloom!  Don’t miss it.  More photos!  See the link below!

Link to more photos

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