Let face it, I hate hiking with a tripod (oh, my aching back). But if you’re out for a day of shooting waterfalls, or an amazing sunrise you’ve got little choice. Quit complaining.

Even so, wouldn’t be nice to find a sturdy lightweight tripod that is bomb proof and will allow quick adjustment of your camera from horizontal to vertical mode? Something that will comfortably hold a wide angle zoom up to a 70-200mm F 4.0.

No worries, the Real Right Stuff(RRS) has you covered. The TQC-14 carbon tripod (below left) weighs only 2.7 lbs. and fits into a carry on airline bag! PS. Suggest you choose the version without the center column if you like to shoot low to the ground(IMP) https://goo.gl/f9myDM

Add a BH-30 ball head (below center) weighing only .5 lbs. and you have a very stable workhorse at just over 3 lbs. https://goo.gl/ALG6Zf

Plus using the RRS L bracket (below right) you can quickly shift your camera 90 degrees!

Adjust your camera from a horizontal orientation to vertical in a flash!   Wooo!  No more monkeying around with the tripod head to tip the camera on its side!
Ok, now for check out: That will be $900 for the tripod, $300 for the ball head and $150 for the L bracket…$1,350 please! Hey it’s just money! Quit complaining.  This hobby isn’t for sissies.  Mortgage your house and shut up.

Ok, can’t afford all that. Not to worry, you have some great options that won’t break the bank. They will, however, require you to buy a few components separately.


The Slik Pro 634* is 2lbs and priced at only $250. It’s not quite as well built or durable as the RRS, but a great performer at ¼ the price. https://goo.gl/d8QScz

You can also opt for the Slik Pro 834 a beefier version of the former @ 3 lbs $219. https://goo.gl/RyLTsj

Ball Head:

The RRS 30 ballhead is awesome and arguably worth buying for $300. The Leofoto 30 is almost as good (.1 lbs. heavier) and will put you back $115. Much more reasonable. https://goo.gl/qzZAGK

L bracket:

Sunwayfoto makes L brackets, custom designed to fit your mirrorless or DSLR for approx. $60

Ok, really on a budget try the Slik Pro II* $70 (on sale/aluminum not carbon, also around 2 lbs) https://goo.gl/s3HaCS

with the Leofoto 25 mini ballhead $60 https://goo.gl/w9QACL. This is perfect for mirrorless cameras or DSLRs (nothing heavier than a 70-200mm F 4.0 however)

*requires an adapter to accommodate the RRS 30 or Leofoto 30 head. Don’t let that scare you off. Takes 5 seconds to screw on. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/620896-REG/Wimberley_BS_100_BS_100_3_8_16_to_1_4_20.html

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