Frustrated with your Iphone taking lame Jpeg photos? Sick and tired of not having the full array of edit options available to you in Lightroom/Photoshop? Want the ability to non-destructively edit and let’s not forget the 3-4 stops of additional dynamic range!!!

Well wait no more. With the ProCamera Ap you have the ability to shoot in RAW mode baby! Woooo!!! Talk about a game changer. Now when you’re stuck without your DSLR/Mirrorless camera you can still crush it.

ProCamera is the ap that you’ll open and use as your new default camera inside the Iphone. It’s almost identical to the user interface with your existing Iphone camera, with the added feature of exposure compensation (that can be dialed in).

The author is taking a bomber photo of my keyboard. I know, great composition! I have the gift.

Not so fast hotshot. Before you go crazy taking RAW images…you first need to go into the settings tab and select the RAW + JPEG option. You’ll find the “settings” icon in the lower lefthand corner.
Now having selected the RAW option, you’re ready to kick some serious touchas.

The option to select RAW + Jpeg is midway down the menu.

You can certainly edit your photo inside ProCamera, however, I vastly prefer using Snapseed which is the best phone editor I’ve found. Yes, it also works with RAW image files…Woooooo!!

The workflow is pretty simple. You’ll save the photos you take with ProCamera to the Iphone’s camera roll, then open up that image in Snapseed. Snapseed can easily read any image in that file.

Good luck and gods speed.

Final note: Additionally, the ability of ProCamera to capture HDR images far surpasses what an iPhone can do!  The image below on the left is an HDR capture using ProCamera and the image on the right was taken using the Iphone’s native HDR software.  Not even close.  The iPhone native software can’t capture all the lost details inside the windows.

Note:  ProCamera will merge 3 RAW images and then create a JPEG/HDR composite.  Otherwise when doing single photo captures the program produces a RAW digital file.


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